Attacks on immigration make headlines nationwide, but here in Leelanau County our farmers enjoy a healthy, symbiotic relationship with their migrant laborers—without whom the cherries would not be picked this summer.

The Michigan legislature is considering whether to continue, or expand, a new state pilot project that is increasing business from schools for a significant number of farms and related food companies throughout the state and in Leelanau County.

On Wednesday, April 5, at noon at the Leelanau County Government Center the Farm Labor Task Force of the League of Women Voters Leelanau County will highlight the impact current immigration policy has on area agricultural employers and their workforce. The forum is titled “Immigration Challenges in Leelanau: Who Will Harvest Our Produce?”

On a typical school day during the growing season, food service directors at both Glen Lake School and The Leelanau School are serving up as many locally grown, fresh ingredients as their budgets and time allow. They’re also teaching students to cook and, with the help of faculty, familiarizing them with the sources of their food.