Suttons Bay Theatre hosts silent film and live music combined to thrill

From staff reports

Get ready for a special spooky Halloween offering at the Bay Community Theatre, Saturday, Oct. 21, at 7 pm. The 1924 classic silent film The Hands of Orlac will be shown, accompanied by the composer, Chicago based Maxx McGathey performing live.

Tickets are $15 ($12 for Bay Community Theatre Members).

The Hands of Orlac is a 1924 Austrian silent horror film that tells the tragic tale of Paul Orlac, a world-famous pianist who loses his hands in a train wreck. While doctors manage to transplant his hands with those of a dead man, Orlac later discovers that the hands have a will of their own, unaware that they are formerly those of a dangerous murderer. Experience the drama that only silent film delivers, enhanced with stirring live original music combining to make this a very special night, indeed.

Movie buffs: Orlac is played by Conrad Veidt, best known for his role as Nazi Major Heinrich Strasser in Casablanca.

This will be McGathey’s fourth appearance at the Bay as a composer/ performer specializing in his unique approach to enhancing the silent film experience. Concerning the upcoming engagement he said, “I love coming back to The Bay every year because of the welcoming atmosphere and the community of film lovers that support a community based independent movie theatre. My score is a mix of piano and twisted synth, and really conveys Orlac’s descent into madness.”