Northport Energy changes name to Leelanau Energy

From staff reports

Northport Energy has changed its name, expanded its mission and recommitted itself to advance renewable energy.

After years of working locally, the nonprofit has announced a new name and expanded mission for its volunteer driven, nonprofit organization.

“After more than a decade of work and achievement focused on the Village of Northport and Leelanau Township, we are expanding our vision and mission to include the entire Leelanau Peninsula,” said board president, Joe DeFors. “Accordingly, our Board of Directors is delighted to announce a new name as well: Leelanau Energy.”

DeFors said they will be formally announcing and celebrating the new name and mission at a private members-only event on February 27 at Tucker’s of Northport. “Publicly we’ll be using all of 2020 to roll out the news at a variety of events and locations around the peninsula,” DeFors said.

Through its many achievements, Northport Energy (originally Northport Energy Action Taskforce) has been recognized state-wide and beyond as a leader in the renewable energy movement. Northport Energy members were instrumental in the design and construction of the nation’s first 100% solar powered golf course—Northport Creek. They also played a central role in one of the nation’s first wind and solar powered wastewater treatment plants. In addition to wind and solar projects, Northport Energy has influenced state tax policy for solar-system owners, and local planning and zoning boards by advocating for renewable-friendly planning and zoning language.

“Clean, renewable energy is a powerful and necessary solution toward curbing our carbon emissions” said DeFors. “By expanding our mission and vision, we hope to increase our influence – and the advance of renewable energy – over the entire Leelanau Peninsula.”