Manitou musicians-in-residence play community pop-up performances in and around Glen Arbor

From staff reports

The Glen Arbor Arts Center and Interlochen Public Radio are once again bringing free community pop-up performances to businesses and public locations around the region. Between June 3-15 the Fivemind Reeds Quintet will play at spots including the Glen Lake Narrows (pictured here), the Arts Center front porch, the Leelanau School beach, and the Glen Lake Library in Empire. For more information, click here.

Fivemind Reeds event lineup:

June 4, Cottage Book Shop, 2 pm; Cottonseed Apparel, 3 pm; Anderson’s Market, 3:30 pm

June 5, Glen Arbor playground, 5 pm

June 6, Glen Lake Community Library, 11 am; Grocer’s Daughter Chocolate (Empire), 2 pm

June 7, Glen Arbor Arts Center front porch, 6 pm

June 8, pontoon concert at Glen Lake Narrows, 1 pm

June 10, Glen Arbor playground, 1 pm; Cottonseed Apparel, 5 pm; Glen Arbor Wines, 5:30 pm; Cherry Republic, 6 pm

June 11, Glen Arbor Farmers Market, 10 am

June 12, Broomstack (Maple City), 5 pm

June 13, Thoreson Farm, 6 pm

June 14, Synchronicity, 2 pm; Glen Arbor Wines, 2:30 pm; Cottonseed Apparel 3 pm

June 15, Leelanau School, 6 pm