Leelanau locals rally for immigrant rights — UpNorthLive.com


Report from UpNorthLive.com, news from TV stations 29&8 and 7&4:

A group recently formed in Leelanau County is speaking out for immigrant rights.

With Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or I.C.E. crack-downs across Northern Michigan becoming more common, the group of concerned citizens says they want to stand up for the members of our community that don’t always have a chance to stand up for themselves.

The Leelanau Independent Women for Democratic Action group hosted a discussion this afternoon.

Father Wayne Dziekan of the Catholic Diocese of Gaylord spoke at todays meeting. He said, “The community finally has had enough and a few of us called together a gathering of folks that would be interested in a grassroots response to ICE essentially to say; no more. We, citizens, don’t want this happening in our community and for these reasons.”

The group is still in its beginning stages, but they have been holding regular meetings with the next one scheduled on may first.

It will take place at 3 in the afternoon at the Farmworkers Health Clinic on M-72 just west of Traverse City.

Click here for the Facebook page for Citizens for Immigrant Rights.