Glen Lake Library hosts Truman author David Roll

From staff reports

The Glen Lake Community Library in Empire will host author David Roll in conversation with Mel Laracey on Tuesday, July 2, at 7 pm.

Roll, the author of Ascent to Power: How Truman Emerged from Roosevelt’s Shadow and Remade the World, will be in town to discuss his new book with Laracey, PhD., professor of history at University of Texas, San Antonio, and a summer resident in Empire.

Roll is the author of several books of history, including George Marshall: Defender of the Republic. His newest book spans the years of transition, 1944-1948, and illuminates Truman’s struggles to emerge as president in his own right. From a relatively unknown Missouri senator to the most powerful man on Earth, Truman’s legacy transcends. With his come-from-behind campaign in the fall of 1948, his courageous civil rights advocacy, and his role in liberating millions from militarist governments and brutal occupations, Truman’s decisions during these pivotal years changed the course of the world in ways so significant we live with them today. Roll will sign copies of his book provided by the Cottage Book Shop.