Family on beach adventure finds lost wedding ring

From staff reports

A heartwarming story unfolded in late July on the picturesque shores of Sleeping Bear Bay in Glen Arbor when a family’s beach outing turned into a serendipitous moment after an impulse Amazon purchase led them to assist another couple in locating their precious keepsake.

As the Morgan family prepared to head up north to their family’s cabin in Glen Arbor, Cass said on a whim, “Wouldn’t it be fun if we had a metal detector to find some cool stuff on the property?” Two days later, Amazon delivered a brand-new metal detector to their door in downstate Clarkston.

Jane’s family has a long history in Glen Arbor and their family’s cabin sits atop Miller Hill. Her family built the cabin in the 1960s, and the entire crew has been coming up to enjoy the area for years. The family loves to explore the property that once consisted of old logging roads. When they were building the property, they discovered an old still and uncovered numerous worn bottles and even a rusty old car. As soon as they arrived for this year’s family vacation, they assembled the metal detector and got to searching.

Exploring the long gravel driveway, they located an old beer can, a pie tin and some coins. They laughed as they got overly excited about bottle caps and bobby pins. Later in the day as they prepared to head into town, they threw the metal detector in the car and set out with nothing on the agenda.

After buying the obligatory sweatshirt from Momentum and their daughter gleefully sifting through the toy section at the Totem Shop, they headed to the beach at the end of South Manitou Boulevard to search for rocks and possible lost treasures. Little did they know that their last-minute Amazon purchase would soon lead them to an unexpected discovery.

As they waved the gadget around in the sand, two nearby ladies asked if they were there to look for the ring. “The ring,” they replied perplexed. “What are you talking about? We just opened this thing this morning and are learning how to use it.”

The ladies told the family how a young couple was at the beach earlier taking pictures and enjoying the water when one woman from Oak Park, Michigan, grew frantic as she lost her wedding band and couldn’t find it. The couple searched everywhere and ended up leaving emptyhanded.

Unaware of the sentimental significance of the ring, the family was determined to find its rightful owner. With the beach teeming with visitors that day, the odds seemed slim.

As the family began searching, a couple— Joey and Maggie Petruskaappeared on the horizon, their faces drawn with concern. It turned out to be the exact couple who had lost the wedding ring and had returned to take one more look. The Morgans and the Petruskas exchanged warm smiles as they recounted the incredible coincidence of crossing paths.

After retracing their steps, the metal detector emitted a series of beeps. They began to dig and noticed a gleam in the sand. Excitement filled the air as they uncovered the lost wedding band, carefully tucked beneath the surface of beach sand. Emotions ran high as the Petruskas were reunited with their beloved symbol of love and commitment.

“It meant so much to me,” said Maggie Petruska, who married Joey six years ago. “It was one of those once-in-a-lifetime moments. Losing the ring my husband gave me was devastating to me. But the Morgans were so generous with their time—even though they had a younger child whose energy was running low. They were the most beautiful, sweetest family in the world.”

As they rejoiced over their find, the Morgans thought how they were just glad to have been in the right place at the right time. It was a magical moment to help reunite the couple with their cherished memory.

The incident has left a lasting impression on all those involved and those who heard about the heartwarming reunion. It serves as a reminder that even in the midst of a seemingly ordinary day at the beach, extraordinary connections can be made, and acts of kindness can bring profound joy to others.

As the sun set on this beautiful day at Glen Arbor, the family’s beach adventure was forever etched in the hearts of those who witnessed the power of compassion and serendipity, leaving us all with the reassuring notion that lost treasures can indeed find their way back home.