Sutherlands Back from Spearfishing the Bahamas


By Mike Sutherland
courtesy of The River at Crystal Bend’s blog

We are back from a great winter on Spanish Wells in the Bahamas. Fisher, Maggie and I spent many days spearfishing as the weather was the best we have seen it in a long time. There were many large sized Mutton fish, Hogfish, Margots and Grouper this season. We mostly targeted Spiny Lobster and by the end of the season stopped shooting them as quite frankly, we were sick of eating them. They were plentiful.

So, now we are back and I just made a big order with a new Kayak Manufacturer. I will be making the anouncement of “Who” hopefully by tomorrow as I have not signed the contracts yet. I am so excited about this. I believe this is the best kayak builder on the planet. So stay tuned.

We have been on the Crystal River several times since getting back last week. Weather conditions have been terrible but the water levels are good for this time of the year.

Great to be back in Glen Arbor and excited for this upcoming season here as well as Traverse City and Interlochen. If you have not checked out our location on the Boardman in Traverse City, get down there and rent a kayak!

My best……Mike