Puvogel acquires Glen Arbor’s Cottage Book Shop

From staff reports

The cozy book shop in a nearly 100-year-old log cabin in the heart of Glen Arbor has a new owner. Jenny Puvogel acquired the Cottage Book Shop from Sue Boucher on April 1 after working there for five years. Boucher bought the book shop 10 years ago from Barbara Siepker, who acquired it from founder Mollie Weeks in 1995 and then moved it across Lake Street to its current location between the Glen Arbor Gardens and Lake Street Studios.

We asked Puvogel about her love for the book shop and the area, what’s happening there this summer, and what’s she’s reading now.


Glen Arbor Sun: What inspired you to acquire the Cottage Book Shop from Sue?

Jenny Puvogel: The short answer is people. First of all I LOVE all of the people that I work with. Kim, Anne, Sue, Amy, Bonnie and Sue are all such thoughtful, caring, smart, community-oriented people that I am happy to call my friends. Buying the book shop so that we could all continue to do what we love (help people find the right books) seemed like the perfect thing to do for the foreseeable future.

Also, the people who come into the shop. I look forward to continue to provide a place where everyone is welcome and everyone can find something that they are interested in or that speaks to them  We love to hear people say, “This is our favorite bookstore,” or “We come here first thing on arrival in town to get our books for the week, and the last thing before we leave to stock up for our trip back home.”


Sun: Tell us more about your and your family’s history in Glen Arbor.

Puvogel: My husband Gregg and I have had a place in the Glen Arbor area for about 20 years. My love of Glen Arbor came in the early ’90s when my mom’s principal (she is also a former teacher), rented us his family cottage on Lake Michigan. At that time, his family owned a small house on Lake Michigan right next to DH Day campground. We loved being able to go to the beach, ride bikes, play tennis and basketball, go hiking and walk into town for ice cream. Like so many other families, it became our one-week a summer tradition. My family has continued to rent a place one week each summer in Glen Arbor, even though they could stay with us, because they love all that Glen Arbor has to offer and want to continue the family traditions with now the fifth generation enjoying the area.

Sun: What do you find distinct about this book shop?

Puvogel: Obviously, a book shop in a 100+ year-old log cabin is not something you see every day, but more than that, Sue and Barb have always curated a collection of books that has something for everyone. We hope to continue the traditions.

Sun: Will you hold any specific events at the shop this summer?

Puvogel: So far our plans are the following events: Where’s Waldo (month of July); Storytime M-W-F at 11 in the pine patch next to the book shop; July 2. In partnership with the Glen Lake Communithy Library, Author David Roll in conversation with Mel Larcey to discuss David’s new book Ascent to Power; July 10 Storytime author event, Brittany Darga author of If a Petoskey Stone Could Talk.

We are also excited to partner with the Glen Arbor Arts Center on their series “Coffee with the Authors” for talks about the craft and process of writing.

There may be more to come, information is listed under the “other good stuff” tab on our website, CottageBooks.com

Sun: What are you reading right now?

Puvogel: The Paris Novel by Ruth Reichl and Night Watch by Jayne Anne Phillips.