Get outdoors Saturday, April 6, for All-In-One-Day

From staff reports

Think of it as a holiday. Think of it as a celebration. Think of it as a living, active, fun love-note to our region and our health.

The All-in-One-Day Day mission is simply to get outside with friends and do as many activities—both winter and summer—as you can.

Find snow to XC ski, snowshoe and snow bike. Find dry roads and trails to road-bike, mountain bike, trail run, and hike. Find a ski or golf resort to downhill ski, snowboard or golf. Find a river to fish, canoe or kayak. Find a park to Frisbee golf.

The point is to take one day and, in a really fun spirit, pay tribute to how blessed we are to have a landscape that can keep us healthy in both body and mind, all year round.

The All-In-One-Day Day does not have one central location. Like a holiday, it happens wherever people choose to make it happen, wherever your favorite piece of land exists, wherever your favorite bike trail runs, wherever your favorite river flows.

While the first principle of the All-In-One-Day Day is to go enjoy places and pals, a bigger and equally important mission drives it. The day grew from Accelerate, a movement for well-being that is a strategic priority of the Grand Traverse Regional Community Foundation. Accelerate seeks to expand the culture of health in northwest Michigan as a way to improve community well-being. Think of what exists in Colorado, the healthiest state in the nation thanks to a culture of people who embrace the outdoors.

All-In-One-Day Day grew from conversations with the Community Foundation, Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy and Groundwork Center for Resilient Communities.

Folks at Accelerate and at other community initiatives across the country understand that shifting the focus from screens to physical activity—especially activity in calming, restorative outdoor environs—is crucial for achieving long-term health goals. “The challenge for today is developing strategies to encourage people to get out in nature. The competition with technology is real, and younger generations especially are not necessarily outdoor-oriented,” said Jesse Wolff, senior advisor for Accelerate.

The All-In-One-Day Day plan: Round up friends. Gather your winter gear and summer gear. Find snow and dirt and water. Check off as many outdoor activities as you can in one day! As you go, post pictures and video to #allinonedayday. When you’ve had your fill, head to The Workshop Brewing Company in Traverse City to share moments of your All-In-One-Day Day with like-minded folk