Empire Emergency Fund Concert celebrates two years

From staff reports

Gerry Shiffman, president of the Empire Area Community Center, reports that last Sunday’s Empire Area Emergency Fund Concert was a blast — and marked the two-year anniversary of the unique, community supported effort.

The performers at Art’s Tavern were folksinger Jim Crockett along with Chris Skellenger, Patrick Niemisto and the gifted Beach Bards including Norm Wheeler, Bronwyn Jones and Joe Vandermeulen, who played to a full house. The impromptu appearance of Louan Lechler, Sandy Blumenfeld and the Leelanau School’s budding musicians was icing on the cake.

Speaking of cake, Arts Tim Barr and Bonnie Nescot honored the two-year anniversary of the Empire Area Community Emergency Fund by preparing a wonderful cake complete with candles and song to share with all who showed up.

Speaking of un-daunting support, thanks to everyone who attended Sunday’s event and dropped a dime in the bucket, the fund managed to raise $1,320 to support those in need throughout the community.