Bel Lago, French Valley celebrate sustainable viticulture

Painting by Hank Feeley

From staff reports

In a significant stride towards sustainable viticulture, Bel Lago Vineyard, Winery & Cidery, along with Bel Lago North Farm and its sister winery, French Valley Vineyard, announced the attainment of the prestigious SIP (Sustainability in Practice) Certification this past February. This accolade highlights Bel Lago’s commitment to eco-friendly winemaking, its community, and patrons.

SIP Certified emerges as a hallmark of sustainable practices in the viticulture sector, assuring wine lovers that their favorite wines are crafted with the utmost consideration for people and the planet. Achieved through rigorous third-party verification, this certification underscores Bel Lago’s dedication to environmental stewardship and social responsibility.

The pillars of SIP certification include people, planet and prosperity

Built on seven foundational pillars, including Social Responsibility, Water Management, Safe Pest Management, Energy Efficiency, Habitat Conservation, Ethical Business Practices, and Continuous Improvement, SIP Certification steers Bel Lago’s mission towards respecting and nurturing the land and community.

From its initial pilot program to now encompassing more than 47,000 vineyard acres across California, Oregon, and Michigan, SIP Certification supports five wineries, including Bel Lago and French Valley, promoting more than 60.3 million bottles of wine. This growth facilitates a global movement towards sustainability in wine consumption.

“Since our inception in 1992, sustainability has been the cornerstone of Bel Lago’s operations,” said Charlie Edson, Ph.D., founder and viticulture and oenology expert. “Our commitment to innovative, eco-conscious practices in viticulture and winemaking is unwavering.”

As proud bearers of the SIP Certification, Bel Lago pledges to lead in sustainable practices, leveraging the latest scientific and technological advancements. The vineyard’s goal transcends producing exceptional wines; it includes honoring our planet and enriching our community.