Hillary and Matt Voight are proprietors of a new Omena art gallery called V Gallery, which is located in the former Tamarack space and is set to open this May. In 2023, the Leelanau art community entered a void in representation as three prominent art galleries closed their doors. One was Tamarack Gallery, founded by David and Sally Viskochil more than 45 years ago and beloved by art lovers from around the world. “As I walked through the door to meet Matt and Hillary, I knew I was experiencing a unique moment in time, a mere blip between the old guard and the new generation representing art here in Northern Michigan,” writes Abby Chatfield in this story the Sun published in our April 11 print edition.

It’s the end of an era, a half-century of fine art and folk art, painting and sculpture, collage and furniture, any number of artistic endeavors. Sally Viskochil has decided it’s time to close the doors at Tamarack Gallery in Omena, which she and her late husband David opened in 1976 after moving from its original location outside Cedar. Tamarack will close permanently on Oct. 31. The gallery plans to host a closing party on Saturday, Oct. 28 from 10 am until 5 pm.

You can’t drive through the tiny lakeside village of Omena without stopping to check out the gallery which has been a fixture there for more than 40 years. Tamarack Gallery, opened by David and Sally Viskochil in 1972, was originally located in a building owned by Sugar Loaf and then moved to its current Omena location in 1976. Though David, the joyful and warm-hearted frontman—committed to his artists and his clients both—died unexpectedly in 2005, Sally, with the capable assistance of Len Cowgill, has kept the gallery open and flourishing since.