Honoring our essential workers on Labor Day weekend

From staff reports

Maggie Maclellan (above) has been working at Art’s Tavern in Glen Arbor for 14 years (except for the winters when she left). An Empire local, Maggie has worked as a bartender, waitress, and hostess at Art’s, and this year she worked 70 hours during the Fourth of July week. “Generally I work 50 hours a week, and that’s not bad. That’s typical.” This summer Art’s has been short “maybe 20 people,” Maggie says. Usually we employ 60-70 through the summer; this year it’s around 40 or 50,” says Maggie as summer winds down: “I would like some time off. I’m gonna go camping one night, just by myself.”

Although she grew up in Grand Rapids and went to college down there, Gemma Leask (above) has been working at Little Traverse Inn “on and off for 9 years.” She usually puts in 40 hrs per week “give or take,” But this year being short staffed (“We lost our summer help”) means she works six days a week.”We’ve made it work with some part time help.” After Labor Day the LTI will be closed on Wednesdays as well as the usual Tuesdays. “It feels crazy now,” Gemma adds. “We’re all on our last legs, physically and mentally, I can’t wait for some alone time, as I spend all of my time with people and serving people.”