By Judith Kalter Sun contributor The best way to learn to cook is in your grandmother’s kitchen. My grandmother, Mary Ellen Senter Harrison Hoegraver Noe, always encouraged her six grandchildren to help out by punching down the yeasty fragrant bread dough before she fried it up in a big cast iron skillet or let us […]

By Holly Wren Spaulding Sun contributor For gardeners and farmers, summer is partially understood in terms of what is coming ripe at what time, so early on there are sugar snap peas and eventually fresh garlic, and eventually tomatoes and squash and soon there will be melons. We know where we are in the season […]

By F. Josephine Arrowood Sun contributor This summer, area residents and visitors alike have been making pilgrimages to the Cedar City Market, where they are embraced by the warmth of freshly brewed coffee, cinnamon rolled into golden pastries and nourishing, seasonal soups, all created by Chef Gene Payerk. He entered the culinary world less than […]

By Ian Vertel Sun contributor Several businesses in Glen Arbor are making efforts to reduce their impact on the environment, thereby contributing to the evolution of commerce that is concerned with effect on the planet as well as profit and customer service. For instance, Great Lakes Tea and Spice Company does not use air conditioning; […]

By Ian Vertel Sun contributor As our consciousness shifts toward developing more sustainable practices of living with the Earth, rather than simply on the Earth, local northern Michigan residents are answering the call. Jackie Ankerson and her husband Allan Fici on South Lime Lake Road live “off the grid.” They are “half a mile from […]

By F. Josephine Arrowood Sun contributor In the past dozen years, a new crop has been growing in northern Michigan — one whose spirit harks back to ancient growing practices and sense of shared endeavor. In Leelanau County alone, six Community Supported Agriculture farms aim to reconnect small-scale, sustainable production with those who purchase and […]

Pat Stinson Sun contributor This area’s growing community of food artisans is taking us back to our agricultural and culinary roots, reclaiming traditions of planting, growing, preserving, cooking and baking handed down to us by previous generations. Knowledge of these simple food processes are learned gifts that many of us have forgotten how to enjoy, […]

By Waleed Al-Shamma Sun contributor Heart attacks, cancer, strokes, diabetes and … the ability to produce and/or smell rank urine? While asparagus may help fight and prevent most of these hereditary traits, it is responsible for one of them. There is rarely complete harmony in the scientific community. Indeed scientists find it necessary to debate […]

By Jane Greiner Sun contributor Locals and visitors alike are discovering that ranger-led walks are a great way to enjoy the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore (the local branch of the National Park Service). As part of the program, “Saturdays at the Lakeshore,” a ranger meets with the public at the Philip Hart Visitors Center […]

By Nadine Gilmer Sun contributor Of the many clubs at Glen Lake High School, the Envirothon team receives the least amount of recognition. Glen Lake’s three teams of five players each, advised by biology teacher Karen Richard, are the only Envirothon teams currently competing in our region. They are the kids who meet at lunch […]