Buckets of Rain gets help from Glen Lake students

By Chris Skellenger
Buckets of Rain founder

Again this year the students at Glen Lake and Farmington High Schools started many, many flats of vegetables in their greenhouses. We also received some growing space from Grow Benzie, Birmingham Groves and Mr. D’s at the Highland Park Renaissance Academy. We’ve got about 7200 baby veggies.

We had some volunteers from Notre Dame High School in Pontiac and from Fraser High School, sweeping winter from the gardens and getting them ready to plant.

Perhaps most exciting is that the Detroit Rescue Mission is employing 5 homeless veterans to work our gardens. We are ‘job creators’! And these guys are doing a great job.

On May 10th, our Gladstone Garden partners, Urban Farming, will be having their giant plant give-a-way right at the corner of Linwood and Gladstone in Detroit. BoR will be demonstrating their pallet raised beds and donating seed. We expect 300 or so friends, neighbors, and gardeners.

Thanks to the Sheehan Family from Farmington Hills and our DRMM veterans, we’ve planted 19 rows in Big Glen and are making steady progress at our other gardens as well.

By the numbers:

119 days until the song marathon
90 flats of vegetables started
2800 onions planted
500 heads of lettuce planted so far
6 part time jobs created

Buckets of Rain is a 501 c 3 dedicated to growing one million servings of fresh vegetables for the DRMM as soon as we can. We rely totally on your financial support in our efforts to help rebuild this once great city.