By Ashlea Turner Sun staff writer

By Kristen Counts Sun contributor

By Torin Yeager Sun contributor Picture this scenario: a boy, his dog, and his little sister walking peacefully along a path through the woods near the shore of Lake Michigan. The boy tosses a fair-sized stick into the brambles surrounding the path, and the dog, ever enamored by wood, goes howling in after it. After […]

By Ashlea Turner Sun contributor If you’re out on Lake Michigan, Lake Superior or maybe even the St. Lawrence Seaway in the near future, you might just witness history repeat herself. The Leelanau School’s replica of a 16th-century Voyageur Canoe might just speed right past you in its 33 feet of cedar glory.

By Jacob R. Wheeler Sun Editor Go ahead man, punch that alarm. Snooze another half hour. ‘Cause even if you jumped out of the sleeping bag now and took off pedaling down the road as fast as you could, you wouldn’t catch him. Nope. Not until Derek Prechtl decides to pull over on the side […]

By Darryl Lick Sun sports writer When four diverse local organizations work together to benefit our area people and visitors, and produce THE athletic and social event of the summer, it is well worth mentioning. Such was the success of the 2002 Glen Arbor Tennis Open, held on July 27 and 28.

By Lee Houtteman Sun Contributor At our Learning Center at Bay Meadows we get a lot of people who are just starting out in golf. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing a new golfer take up the game the correct way…. WITH A LESSON. Having taught golf now for close to 17 years to […]

by Daryl Lick Sun sports reporter