By Jacob R. Wheeler Sun editor INTERLOCHEN — His baritone voice still sounds like a mellow bullfrog’s croak resonating from some swamp, and his head swings back and forth like a bobblehead doll grinning like a child when he sings lyrics that border on the naughty, like “Everything with you is sex”. But Greg Brown […]

By Jane Greiner Sun staff writer An Empire cat named Linus has developed an unusual relationship with the deer that visit the back yards of the homes on La Core Street. On a number of occasions Linus has been sleeping in the yard only to be approached by a doe from the herd that carefully, […]

-Anonymous This piece was submitted anonymously to the Empire Fire Station under the agreement that it would be printed in the local newspaper

By Chase Edwards Sun staff writer My sister, Cassidy, was given the nickname Toad as a toddler. My parents say it’s because she never stopped hopping around. She even signed her papers as Toad Edwards during elementary and middle school. That was until one of the teachers told her it wasn’t appropriate.

By Chase Edwards Sun staff writer This summer Liz Shimek is living in a dorm at Michigan State University, taking summer school classes and preparing herself for her first season of Big Ten basketball. She misses her mother’s home cooking, her high school friends and scrimmaging on the cement slab, down near the silo on […]

By Jacob Wheeler Sun editor Rooms at The Homestead used to cost $5 per night. No, really! And lakefront property cost only $8 per square foot before the BIG BANG hit Glen Arbor. Sounds like a daydream? It is – in a cozy condominium in Suttons Bay where Arthur and Helen Huey spend their days, […]

By Norm Wheeler Sun editor Max and Maria, the two kids, climb up onto the seat next to teamster Tom Cyr, who gives the reins a touch before letting the kids hold them. We jolt into motion as the eager geldings Buster and Stash clip clop down M-22, cut over to Lake Street past the […]

By Jane Greiner Sun staff writer Author Aaron Stander visited with the Empire Book Club to talk about his new book, “Summer People.” Stander, who was himself one of the local summer people, now lives year-round on campus at the Interlochen Arts Academy where he consults and teaches creative writing. He is a bike rider […]

by Norm Wheeler Sun editor “I’m writing a book called the Personal Adventures of a Pet Sitter,” announces Dawn Fitch, owner and CEO of Dawn’s Tender Care Pet Sitting. You see Dawn all the time, walking a pooch along M-22 or making the rounds in her red truck. It’s hard at first to get the […]

June 5, 1929-July 1, 2002 By Mary Sharry Loving wife We do not let go of the person, but only the body, and so it is with our farewell to Jack Sharry. What remains is a presence within each of us who felt loved by him and love for him, and who shared in the […]