Woman’s self-defense class offered in Maple City

From staff reports

Camile’s Body Shop Studio of Maple City has partnered with White Tiger Martial Arts of Traverse City to offer a free Woman’s Self-Defense class geared toward all women ages 12 and older. The class will be held on Saturday, May 5, from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. at Camille’s Body Shop Studio, 821 E Valley Rd in Maple City. Email Camille(AT)CamillesBodyShop(DOT)info to register for this class.

With the heightened awareness of violence in the world, this is an excellent class for all women. White Tiger’s Self Defense System is designed to build awareness, self-confidence, and above all, personal safety. Participants will learn real-life skills on how to protect themselves and will take away from this class a greater level of confidence and a better understanding of how to avoid and handle unsafe encounters.

Self-protection is a tool you may need anywhere and at any time. Prevention strategies and verbal self-defense techniques will help you to stay safe and provide you with personal empowerment.

This free course is a precursor to an upcoming five-week Self-Defense program for adults that White Tiger Self Defense experts will offer at Camille’s Body Shop Studio set to begin Wednesday, May 9, and run through Wednesday, June 6. This class will meet once a week from 4–5 p.m. and will cover common attacks, mindset & escape drills, striking & targeting, weapons techniques & defense, the law and real solutions. Skills learned will bolster confidence in self-defense situations and aid in handling physical and psychological situations.