Skiing option “still on table” but with fewer than five lifts. Katofsky also postponed a public open house in Leelanau until “sometime in late spring or early summer,” once he has resolved key questions such as whether Sugar Loaf will ever host downhill skiing again.

From staff reports The long connection with skiing at The Leelanau School continues on, as the small boarding school in Glen Arbor has added to its curriculum an opportunity for students to become certified ski instructors. Spending daily class-time skiing during the five-week winter term is part of the experiential learning philosophy of the 90-year-old […]

After leaving the decrepit lodge and climbing up the mountain, Jeff Katofsky felt better about his prospects to revive Sugar Loaf—once the economic lifeblood and biggest employer in the county but which has been vacant since 2000.

It’s no surprise to us that 3 of the top 10 most-read stories on the Glen Arbor Sun‘s website in 2017 were about Sugar Loaf — the long shuttered ski resort in the heart of Leelanau County. Stories about Sugar Loaf usually attract the most readers.

The identity of who controls the mortgage to Sugar Loaf resort has remained a mystery. Until now. The new owner is Jeff Katofsky. But the mortgage is held by an associate of previous owner Remo Polselli.

This is Sugar Loaf, once the region’s premier ski resort and Leelanau County’s largest employer. Three hundred once worked here. Located off M-22, the artery of the peninsula, Sugar Loaf pulsed with traffic and commerce during these cold, quiet winter months until it closed in 2000. This isn’t the story of those who ran Sugar Loaf into the ground. This is the story of her characters and personalities, how they reflect on the resort, and what they’re up to now.

Jeff Katofsky — a Southern California attorney, property developer, and minor league baseball team owner — is on the verge of taking over Sugar Loaf from the ski resort’s longtime owner Remo Polselli. Katofsky told the Glen Arbor Sun he will close escrow before the end of October. According to Leelanau County code inspector Steve Haugen, the transaction could be official by the end of this week.

Here’s your guide to Leelanau County golf courses, past and present, with a little inside info from a few avid local golfers. Part one of our two-part series looks at the courses closest to Glen Arbor and Empire. In the next edition, we will expand to Leland, Northport and Suttons Bay.

Leelanau County construction code authority Steve Haugen has notified Remo Polselli — and other potential stakeholders in Sugar Loaf — this week that action must be taken on the long shuttered ski resort’s decrepit lodge within 20 business days, or Haugen will take the case to the 13th Circuit Court. Polselli now has until early January, 2016, to inform the construction code of his plan for Sugar Loaf.

Hank Feeley’s latest painting is #OccupySugarLoaf, a humorous poke at the once popular ski resort which has been closed for 15 years while apparently languishing under the care of a series of disingenuous conmen and charlatans.