Living in Leelanau invites the wearing of many hats, with individuals often finding themselves sitting on multiple boards, working more than one job, or filling numerous needs throughout our small communities. Many of the most successful businesses also operate in this way, meeting multiple needs under one roof: the coffee shop that is also a music venue, the vintage store with the art club, the restaurant with an inn above. At one such multi-functional establishment—Farm Club—writer Mae Stier sat down to talk with Elijah Nykamp, who is himself a wearer of many hypothetical hats. Owner of the clothing studio and shop Nykamping in Suttons Bay, Nykamp is the designer and sewist of all the clothing he creates. Not only does he design and create beautiful, wearable pieces, he is also a community builder, frequently partnering with other artists.

In October of 2021, the first snow frosted the maples still ablaze with red and orange color. Art instructor Kaz McCue from the Leelanau School saw the opportunity to take his Photography 2 class for a ride. They got great photos, and when Kaz sent one of the best to his wife Pam, an art teacher at St. Johns Country Day in Orange Park, Fla., she replied, “This would make a great puzzle!”

The pandemic pivots and pirouettes required of teachers everywhere only inspired the creativity of Leelanau School’s Dr. Elizabeth Wolterink. Her PhD (and MA) in Mythological Studies (with an emphasis in Depth Psychology), and a BA in Anthropology (with a minor in Cinema) show her versatility, her attention to detail, and her passion for expansive imagining and deep thinking.

After a virtual spring and a mostly closed summer, Glen Arbor’s Leelanau School is welcoming students back for live, three-dimensional, hands-on learning.

Have you ever dissected a baby goat? Ever had a music teacher tell you to get your instrument ready and then to hit the mute button? Then you missed this spring’s virtual zoom lessons at the Leelanau School, the private boarding school located just north of Glen Arbor. Two of its teachers, Bruce (science and pottery) and Laura (music and senior seminar) Hood used their resilience as long time hands-on experiential educators to do the sudden switcheroo required of all teachers in March to teach on a screen. “Leelanau School is about establishing a relationship with each student,” Bruce explains.

Manitou Winds presents “Winter Songs & Carols” at the Leelanau School on Friday, Dec. 13, at 7:30 pm. The concert is free. No tickets or reservations are necessary.

Student activist Liam Bottoms led Leelanau School students to join in the worldwide walkout to protest against global climate change on Thursday, Sept. 20. Millions of Students and many adults from around the world walked out of schools and workplaces to demand immediate action against climate change. The walkout was planned ahead of the United Nations General Assembly and Climate Action Summit which will be held on September 23.

In celebration of the 100-year anniversary of the League of Women Voters Michigan in April 2019 and passage of the 19th Amendment in 2020, the Leelanau League will feature Elaine Weiss, author of The Woman’s Hour: The Great Fight to Win the Vote as the keynote speaker on May 22.

From staff reports The long connection with skiing at The Leelanau School continues on, as the small boarding school in Glen Arbor has added to its curriculum an opportunity for students to become certified ski instructors. Spending daily class-time skiing during the five-week winter term is part of the experiential learning philosophy of the 90-year-old […]

For 20 years, Michael Buhler was co-editor of the Sun. He designed these pages, adeptly arranged advertisements like Tetris blocks, and placed the stories and photos before you. Mike helped turn this rag into an attractive, full-color newsprint magazine with ads and images that pop, and stories that educate—a true asset of our vibrant community. But no longer. Mike died suddenly on the afternoon of Thursday, Aug. 16. He leaves a void in our hearts the size of the Manitou Passage.