Peninsula Housing, the Leelanau County-based community land trust, has announced the acquisition of a duplex rental property on St. Joseph St. in Lake Leelanau, purchased with the help of a loan from Housing North as part of a pilot rental preservation program. The tenants will be able to remain at their present below market rates, even though Peninsula Housing paid market price for the property.

The Schaub name, now ubiquitous on the peninsula, begins to appear on plat maps for Leelanau County in 1881, writes Rebecca Carlson in this second installment in a series about the legacy and impact of Leelanau County farming families. According to relatives of Marv and Edie, the Schaubs arrived from Germany landing at either the Fox or Manitou Islands before moving to the Leelanau Peninsula. These immigrants worked the lumber camps on these islands, made money and then proceeded on to the peninsula. The Homestead Act of 1862 opened the opportunity for these immigrants to own land, prosper, and raise their families. A family member stated the early Schaub settlers brought grapevines with them to plant for their first crops; later, potatoes and cherry trees were added to the farm produce.

The Lake Leelanau Lake Association (LLLA) seeks donors and sponsors for its annual spring auction, dedicated to raising funds to protect and enhance the quality and beauty of Lake Leelanau. The virtual auction, which runs from April 17-30, is the primary fundraiser for the non-profit association, which focuses its work on the stewardship of the lake.

The 10th annual Lake Leelanau Provemont Holiday Arts and Crafts Show will be held on Saturday, Dec. 3, from 10 am to 3 pm. This year’s art fair, sponsored by the Lake Leelanau Community Association, will be held at St. Mary’s school. Beautiful artwork and crafts from over 50 artisans from around the state.

Eric Nittolo is continually upping the ante. Not satisfied with a trendy pizzeria, he added a fine dining option to his Lake Leelanau establishment—though to be fair, that was always the plan. Nittolo’s Pizza and Nittolo’s Seafood and Social quickly became hits. But he had another idea up his sleeve. He added Nittolo’s Powerhouse Speakeasy to the mix, and the members-only jazz club has quickly established itself as another success.

The village of Lake Leelanau soon welcomes Capital Dog, a new casual eatery. Brainchild of locals Kevin and Sue Burns, it opens to the community on May 1, offering indoor and outdoor seating on a quiet backyard patio, in addition to carry out and dock delivery service at The Narrows.

The Accidentals released the music video Friday, Feb. 4, for their beautiful new song “Eastern Standard Time.” The visuals feature local hobby videographer Elijah Allen’s awe-inspiring footage of himself ice skating across frozen Lake Leelanau in January. Click here to watch the video. The Glen Arbor Sun caught up with Allen to learn more about his incredible video and how he teamed up with The Accidentals.

The 9th annual Lake Leelanau Provemont Holiday Arts and Crafts Show will be held on Saturday, December 4, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at St. Mary’s School in Lake Leelanau. This year’s art fair, sponsored by the Lake Leelanau Community Association, will feature all exhibits on the ground floor—no stairs to climb—welcome news for those shoppers who attended past fairs. St. Mary’s school is located at 303 St. Mary Street, just off M-204 (Duck Lake Road) in the heart of Lake Leelanau with plenty of parking adjacent to the building.

“When we make reservations for you, it’s for the table, not for the time,” Eric Nittolo reminds customers. “You’re not rushed. We take the European approach to dining.” Nittolo opened his wood-fired pizzeria on February 20 at the former home of Bella Fortuna in Lake Leelanau.

Businesses throughout Leelanau County had to adapt on the fly when the Coronavirus arrived and commerce shut down in March. Northern Latitudes Distillery in Lake Leelanau not only retooled their business and retail space, owners Mandy and Mark Moseler prioritized making hand sanitizer—a biproduct of the distillery’s spirits—and supplied it free of charge to essential workers and those on the frontlines in the battle against COVID-19, including first responders, schools, home health care nurses, homeless shelters, medical care facilities, churches and food pantries. We talked to the Moselers about this crazy year, and how they got through it.