Vacasa, the largest rental company in North America, has purchased Leelanau Vacation Rentals in Glen Arbor from Ranae Ihme. The changeover will take place at the end of August. Most of the local staff will stay on, and Ranae and Bob Ihme will continue to own and run Glen Arbor Outdoor and LVR Realty, which they have renamed Leelanau Vacation Realty. The Ihmes and Vacasa will operate out of the same building across the street from the Glen Arbor park.

There’s a whole lot going on at the Glen Arbor Park. When the Sun visited May 7 at 4 p.m. for this update, we saw earthmovers trawling back and forth, smoothing the ground for three pickleball courts over by the hardware’s garden center; plumbers working on the bathroom facility in the center of things; a landscape architect shooting pictures over by the adult workout equipment, while workers for the general contractor were busy in the southwest quadrant of the park.

It began last March over at Woodstone. While Karen and Peter Van Nort were off in sunny Arizona, their house sitter was out walking their dog one day when an acquaintance drove by in a Glen Arbor Outdoor truck. He mentioned that he was checking their clients’ vacant homes as a precaution and asked if she had checked the Van Nort’s basement.

We barely had a white Christmas, and now the white was gone. What was happening? The jet stream was still parked up over Canada, blocking the cold air and extending our mild autumn into what is usually deep winter. How was it affecting the town’s businesses?