Glen Lake Artists Gallery

Located next to Petoskey Pete’s in Glen Arbor, Glen Lake Artists Gallery showcases the fine art and craft of some of the finest artists in northwest Michigan. John Huston and his wife Amy Stevens, of Interlochen, manage the cooperative gallery, and John teaches pottery through the gallery’s Glen Arbor Art Association, motivating others to “contemplate the big questions,” through creative action.

Contact information:
5972 South Lake Street, Glen Arbor … (231) 334-4230 …

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Please read this excerpt from Josephine Arrowood’s story, “Keeping the peace: A conscientious objector reflects,” which appeared in the Glen Arbor Sun in May 2009:

Pottery artist John Huston of Interlochen (and manager of the Glen Lake Artists Gallery in Glen Arbor) confronted the choices of going to war as a youngster during the Vietnam War. As the son of a career Navy officer, his family was firmly rooted in the armed forces tradition. John grew up all around the country, living on or near bases and attending school with kids in the close-knit military community.

“My older brother and I just assumed that we would go into the military. It was kind of glamorous and exciting, and of course, we lived that life; it was really a part of the culture,” he recalls. His brother did join the Navy as a bomber pilot, and served three tours of duty in Vietnam.