Glen Arbor is a “Bro Town”

Glen Arbor, Michigan, has a lot going for it. Lake Michigan, the Sleeping Bear Dunes, friendly locals, a vibrant art scene … and here’s a new notch for the belt. (“Every bro has a story”), an online fraternity-spirit lad mag, has named Glen Arbor among the most “Bro Towns” in the United States. We share the honor with Bloomfield, Mich., Chicago, Evanston and Lake Forest, Ill., and that’s it for the Midwest.

To what does Glen Arbor owe this distinct honor? A glorious night drinking from the shot ski at Art’s? A kegger at The Homestead? We don’t know, because it’s unclear who publishes Warning, folks, if you take offense to websites that objectify women, celebrate binge drinking, and glorify brawls at college football games, then this publication is definitely not for you.